You fancy history and culture? Our house is located in the traditional garden city („Gartenstadt“) of Old Meererbusch in the neighborhood of the historic monastery ruins of “Haus Meer” and the Rhine. The spacious settlement itself is a residential estate („Villenkolonie“), an entire architectural concept, which was developed in the very beginning of the last century, inspired by the modern garden cities of those days.

On a relaxed walk, discover one or the other historical jewel, such as the “Haus Eichenhof”, which – as well as the steel pre-fabricated house built by Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg (MAN) in 1950 – is an architectural monument today.

What about a journey through time from the Stone Age to Roman times to today, or even tomorrow?

Whether Neanderthal Museum, the Roman settlement in Xanten, the ruins of the Imperial Palace Kaiserswerth or contemporary art. The varied idyllic landscape and cultural-historical sights of the Lower Rhine are as close as the Dusseldorf museums, galleries and the art academy with professors of international reputation, or the museum of art Insel Hombroich.