KUNST IM HOTEL , art exhibitions on a regular base, was soon established as a concept when we took over the hotel in June 2009.

Twice a year, we offer an artist the opportunity to present his or her works outside the studio in a special environment that is closer to a private living space than the neutrality of a gallery’s white cube.

The entire public area of our house becomes a flexible visual art space that vividly transforms with each exhibition.

The very different exhibitions of different genres of painting, drawing, graphics or photography, reflect the diversity of contemporary artistic forms of expression.

Current exhibition: Thomas Heinlein, paintings.

The Hamburg painter presents his colourful, large-format paintings and a selection of framed prints from originals in strictly limited, small editions.

With a series of partly older, but also completely new works, the exhibition shows the technical and formal development of an artist who certainly makes “light” his theme. However, he does not “capture” it spontaneously and quickly in nature, but rather constructs it very consciously. Abstractions are among them, shimmering landscapes and vivid reflections in water, as well as figurative scenes.

Thomas Heinlein often works on the basis of his own graphic templates in 3D or photography. In conclusion, he composes his works in a controlled and focused manner, developing almost pointillist structures. No spontaneous, gestural brushstrokes, but a planned, careful construction of clearly separated points, strokes and threads.

Exhibition until autumn 2020.
COPYRIGHT Michaela Hagen (text), Thomas Heinlein (artworks)