KUNST IM HOTEL , art exhibitions on a regular base, was soon established as a concept when we took over the hotel in June 2009.

Twice a year, we offer an artist the opportunity to present his or her works outside the studio in a special environment that is closer to a private living space than the neutrality of a gallery’s white cube.

The entire public area of our house becomes a flexible visual art space that vividly transforms with each exhibition.

The very different exhibitions of different genres of painting, drawing, graphics or photography, reflect the diversity of contemporary artistic forms of expression.

Current exhibition: Birgit Lessmann, “Sea of Colours”. Paintings.


The exhibition demonstrates Birgit Lessmann’s fine feeling for colours. The artist has called her show a “sea of colours”. And the title fits very well.

Looking at these pictures, you sense Birgit Lessmann’s desire to experiment creatively, you can see her joy in trying out the most diverse colours in their  expressiveness. Our house is literally “flooded” with pictures. More than sixty abstract works in most varied formats, from really strong in colour to very delicate and light.

Her interpretation of abstract art is extremely multifaceted and versatile, also in the gradation of the degree of abstraction. In her work, there are elements that are still figurative, at least in tendency. There are people now and then, mostly as elongated shadows and faceless shadows. In a small series of their own, there are also angels, with narrow bodies and huge wings. Or spaces that lose themselves as perspective distorted backdrops with light and shadow in the depths.

On the other hand, however, there are also completely abstract colour fields without any perspective, which partly overlap or melt at the edges, in contrast to the fine, highly dynamic lines or loose brushstrokes, even spirals, which in these pictures and on this accentuated flatness provide tension and a kind of spatial effect, quasi as “in front of” and “behind” or “below” and “above”.

Strong colors and vivid materials

Acrylic, chalk, ink, shellac, oxidizing metal primers, pigments or metal, sometimes also in combination with collage elements, turn into to colorful works whose vibrancy is created not least by chance. Birgit Lessmann’s painting thrives on the abundance of different materials that stand out from each other, collide with each other, lie on top of each other in thin layers and merge with each other, thus finally forming a balanced whole. The painting ground, mostly canvas or wood, sometimes flashes up at the edges or shimmers finely under the layers of paint. Birgit Leßmann strokes, fills, brushes and wipes her colours onto the painting surface. And paint often looks like a block, rather flat and massive. But sometimes like a wafer-thin glaze. Sometimes it is only a fine line on it that sets the whole picture “in motion”.

COPYRIGHT Michaela Hagen (text), Birgit Lessmann (artworks)