The privately run, 3-star-superior hotel *** (*) combines classic design and history with the ethical values of sustainability and ecology of today.
Appreciation and sustainability are the basis for dealing with our guests and as a team. Responsibility for nature and the environment is a guideline for our actions. Every single step towards sustainability has an impact.

What are we doing in concrete terms? Some examples:

Many people define “sustainability” as “ecology” or colloquially talk about “bio”. This is certainly true, but does not cover all dimensions of this topic by far. Social sustainability, for example, which is the demand for meaningful work and fair pay, supports social justice and contributes to (re)achieving a status of social balance (ideally contributes to the fact that a status of social imbalance does not even occur!). Economic sustainability, as reflected, for example, in wise, reasonable and responsible budget planning, must also be taken into account by a sustainable company.

Sustainability has many requirements that can hardly be looked at independently of each other. Because they have one and the same goal: to shape our world in such a way that natural resources and opportunities for social development are sufficiently available not only for us today, but also for the next generations to follow. To keep it simple, we must not live beyond our means, to ensure that something remains for those who come after us. In such a way, that the environment and the climate do not suffer irreparable damage.

Talking „global“

Globally, we meanwhile agree that future and general prosperity can only be achieved with a focus on all aspects of sustainability. This was also recently documented by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as agreed upon at the UNO summit in New York in 2015, which keep all nations worldwide responsible for sustainability.

By 2030, as many predefined goals as possible should be achieved. Specific aspects of sustainability, such as the comprehensive closure of material cycles and the reduction of air, water and soil pollution to a minimum, are already targeted for 2020. One thing is evident: Especially the industrialized countries have a lot of work to do. Germany has reached sixth position, but there is still a lot of „room for improvement“ for all of us.

In public debate and media, the topic of sustainability is playing a role that is getting larger and larger every day. There are many examples of this: the recent “diesel affair”, the discussion about insects disappearing, and more specific, the extinction of bees, micro-plastics in water, factory farming, genetically modified food, waste prevention and recycling rates are also part of the social debate.

Act locally and sustainably. For example, when you select a hotel. That’s where we come into play.

We believe that all economic players, that is, we all – from micro-enterprise to multi-national corporation – have to take responsibility.

What motivates us more than anything else when it comes to sustainability, is that we are completely convinced ourselves. When we talk about sustainability, we feel that this not just a „buzzword“ and marketing tool for image enhancement, but an essential part of a company’s philosophy. Not just our company, but our guests‘ companies as well. In terms of our work, this means supporting our guests in sustainable travel, and thus contributing to their sustainability goals. Of course, this does not turn us into globally significant players, but at least a strategic partner for guests and companies who consider sustainability being a key element of their performance.

How about booking a sustainable accommodation? Just as everyone can buy organic food in the supermarket, it is also possible to organize business travel more sustainably. Just as a company might purchase an electric vehicle as their company car, a sustainable hotel can also be booked by your travel agency.

Talking is silver – acting is gold. What exactly do we contribute to “sustainable accommodation”?

We feel responsible towards man and nature! Every single step towards sustainability works.

Culinary pleasure and sustainability are not a contradiction, but definitely go extremely well together. This is what we would like to prove with our breakfast.

  • Our guests enjoy high quality and sustainably produced fresh food. All of our breads are sustainably produced and largely organic certified.
  • Our homemade jams and jams are made from fresh and untreated ingredients, made with care and sustainability, and of course, made with love.
  • We only use fair trade honey or honey from a local beekeeper.
  • We prefer, wherever possible, regional suppliers and seasonal products.
  • All products are GMO-free and made without the use of glyphosate.
  • We always use fresh ingredients and freshly prepare our food that is served at the table. We do not use convenience products or additives.
  • To reduce packaging waste, we do without single-portioned portion sizes for butter, margarine, jam, and honey..
  • We offer our homemade yoghurt and quark dishes in reusable single glass portions.
  • Our napkins are unbleached, and 100% recycled.
  • Of course, our cold beverages are kept in glass returnable bottles.

  • We use energy-saving technology (such as motion detectors, timers) and energy-efficient light bulbs (LEDs).
  • We use an energy-efficient gas condensing boiler for heating and hot water.
  • By switching to green electricity (solar, wind and hydro energy) we reduce the comparable CO2 emissions by almost 12 tons per year.
  • We use an energy-efficient and fully recyclable engineering infrastructure with power-efficient computers, servers and network components (exceeding ENERGY STAR requirements by up to five times).
  • The cloud services we use draw 100% of their electricity from renewable energies.
  • We do not use any air conditioners in our house, because of their negative effects on health and well-being. We are convinced that a healthy indoor climate is better, even on those relatively few very hot days in summer.
  • Thanks to our water softening system, there is no need for high-dose use of aggressive cleaners.
  • We use organic, sustainable and eco-certified cleaning products from manufacturers who have a well-established tradition of respect for nature and especially water as a “life-giver” for more than 40 years.
  • Our washing machines, dryers and refrigerators have at least the energy efficiency class A ++.
  • We give our bed and table linen to a local, sustainable and traditional laundry. With their state-of-the-art cleaning machines, environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners, and a laundry-owned water treatment plant that ensures that all emissions leave the company cleanly.
  • In terms of equipment and product selection, we pay particular attention to environmental compatibility and recyclability. That’s why we consciously use “recycled” furniture. Even when renovating rooms, we do not purchase newly produced furniture.
  • “Paperless Office”. We do not produce printed promotional materials and, as far as possible, maintain paperless correspondence through e-fax, digital bill-posting and digital accounting.

  • We value long-term relationships and have a fair, cooperative working relationship with our employees, with our partners / suppliers, and of course with our customers.
  • As business partners and suppliers, we work with companies that value fair production and fair pay. Such as quite regionally our laundry, beverage supplier, florist, the supplier of our bakery products or the coffee manufactory, or on a very large scale, the producer of our organic cleaning agents and our office supplies supplier.
  • “Zero Waste“. Thanks to consistent waste separation and waste avoidance since started our business, we were able to reduce the residual waste of more than 18,000 L by about 6,000 L. Our goal is to further reduce the total amount to 8,000 L per year.


Sometimes walking (or running!) together is simply better than walking alone!

To tame one‘s “weaker self” (who can be a nasty beast, ast least when it comes to ther German language!) with united forces, we have a „joggers‘ list“, about which our guests can arrange for a common round in the neighboring forest Meererbusch or along the Rhine river.