“There is nothing good unless you do it”.

It is worth taking a closer look at the term “sustainable” as well. Because “sustainability” does sound very praiseworthy, but also a little arbitrary. And if you have a look around, just about everyone is doing things “sustainably” these days. But organic strawberries that fly halfway around the world are not sustainable. That makes it all the more important to look at the facts.

Do not cut more wood than can regrow in the forest.

This principle from forestry clearly illustrates what sustainability is all about. The smallest possible consumption of resources, raw materials and ingredients from ecological cultivation and the optimum recyclability of everything that we use are all part of it. Not everything always has to be brand new. It is about ecological care, but also about long-term economic decisions and social responsibility. For us, “sustainability” does not end with organic tomatoes. Nor does it mean sacrifice, but rather certified 3-star-superior comfort.

What you can rely on with us

  • Comfortable and bright, with responsibility: Genuine eco-power from renewable energy sources. Climate-neutral natural gas. With an energy-efficient heating boiler and energy-optimised LED technology.
  • Sparkling clean and well maintained: With 100% environmentally friendly cleaning and washing products from Sonett. By the way: our water softening system makes aggressive cleaning agents superfluous.
  • Skin-friendly bed linen and fluffy towels without synthetic fibres/microplastics.
  • Organic certified natural cosmetics from i+m Berlin. Vegan. Made from fairly traded raw materials. Free from synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicones, PEG or parabens.
  • Hand disinfection in dispenser: pleasant and skin-friendly. Just the way it fits: also from Sonett.

Homemade, freshly prepared breakfast. With certified organic ingredients. From regional suppliers. Without long delivery routes. Egg dishes personally prepared for you from organic eggs from free-range hens. Fair trade coffee and teas. Cold cuts from the local butcher. Homemade jams and fruit yoghurts.

  • Without any more waste than absolutely necessary. We follow the “Zero Waste” principle. Whether in the kitchen, for breakfast, cleaning and washing etc.. We do without portion packs and opt for reusable and deposit solutions wherever possible.
  • It goes without saying that our free mineral water is also in returnable glass bottles.
  • Thanks to smart waste management and strict waste separation, we save 8,000 L of residual waste per year.

  • We are at the cutting edge of IT technology: with climate-neutral cloud services. For fast, even contactless booking, invoicing and payment. Completely paperless, at your convenience.
  • Our co-working space is called “Salon”. And is ideally suited for ad-hoc conferences. Analogue, hybrid and digital. With up to twelve participants on site. EPSON projector, ZoomRooms technology, audio equipment and digital flipchart.

  • entrally located: From us you can reach the centre of Düsseldorf, Krefeld or Neuss in just a few minutes. And the airport, main railway station or the trade fair.
  • Conveniently and quickly accessible. By the way, also by public transport. And almost to the front door. The tram and bus stop is about a minute’s walk away.
  • Quiet, relaxed and in the countryside: in just a few minutes you are right in the middle of the forest, or in the fields or directly on the Rhine.
  • Safe and secure: We are a small house with a reasonable number of guests. In the quiet and dignified neighbourhood of the villa settlement Alt Meererbusch / Büderich.

And last but not least: We are 100% non-corporate and not a uniform chain, but rather a privately run house. With our team, we are happy to be there for you. A warm welcome!