9. October 2020

Thomas Ruff work exhibition. In the Düsseldorf K20. Until 07.02.2020

Is Thomas Ruff (not) a photographer? Well, this question certainly does not hit the point. However, Thomas Ruff does not describe himself as a “photo artist” […]
9. September 2020

Kunstpunkte 2020. Düsseldorf open studios. 12 / 13. 09. and 19 / 20.09.2020

What is the light like in a studio? What does it smell like there? Of fresh paint, varnish, glue, wood or plaster? Is it completely empty […]
20. August 2020

Via Meerbusch… to Santiago. A German Pilgrim’s way of St. James

If you walk in the footsteps of St. James on the Pilgrim’s way of St. James, you can certainly pass through Meerbusch. Many roads lead to […]
12. August 2020

Cultural excursion to Meerbusch near Duesseldorf. Say “M” for museum.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. This now very well-known quote from Susan Sontag […]
4. August 2020

The Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann

“Neanderthals!” is a compliment. “Neanderthal”, that’s what we sometimes say when we talk about a rather uncouth contemporary. Those, who we furthermore consider not very clever, […]
2. July 2020

We are back again

“Hello! I’m back.” The doorbell just rang. And he was standing in the doorway: the nice man, who refills our brochure stand with the art and […]
19. June 2020

Clean hands. Not only on “World Hand Hygiene Day”

No, I am not writing another article about proper hand washing and hand disinfection. If you type the term “hand hygiene” into Google, you will find […]
1. June 2020

We are back for you! Our hygiene concept

We are back for you. Between “#stay at home” and gradual easing For most of us, the past few weeks were probably mainly in our own […]
20. May 2020

Three stars superior for Meerbusch

Three stars superior. Sustainable overnight stay near Düsseldorf Three stars superior. Our Hotel Villa Meererbusch has carried this official rating since 2017. A few days ago, […]
Three stars superior for Meerbusch
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