Ad-hoc meeting in the huddle room

Huddle Room Meerbusch is an informal meeting space with comprehensive high-performance digital media and conference technology. And with plenty of space at a large table in the refined ambience of our historic villa. Small teams of up to 10 people can work together here in an optimal way. And they are connected to the world.
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Ideal for meetings and presentations or for video conferences and client appointments, even with participants who only join us for a short time by video or telephone.
You can work with us in a data-secure and protected environment. Digital meetings are also possible from the genuine home office. But many people are not comfortable with the idea of showing their private rooms on a computer screen in front of others or even on the internet. Discretion and the protection of your privacy are a matter of course for us.
You can book flexibly and immediately via our booking system, even for short and spontaneous meetings. After all, often the most important appointments do not come as planned.
Simply check in digitally and get started.
As thoughtful and attentive hosts of the Hotel Villa Meererbusch, we are always personally there at your service.


* “Huddle” – to German native speakers’ ears, that almost sounds like “Kuddelmuddel”, like “clutter”, “muddle” or “confusion”, but what is meant is quite the opposite: a concentrated, efficient form of (short) meeting.
The term originally comes from American football. In a “huddle”, the players put their heads together to agree on the next move. Quick and target-oriented. That’s exactly how a meeting in the “Huddle Room” works.



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    We offer


    Invite or participate digitally with licensed ZOOM ROOM® technology.

    Immediately ready and running

    Book and manage digitally at short notice. Always available!

    360-degree conferences

    Live, hybrid or virtual. Whether as a live, telephone or video conference. As a virtual workshop or meeting in a small group.


    From 1 to 10 participants on site and up to 48 virtual participants from all over the world.

    Free parking

    Directly on the hotel’s own car park in front of our building


    The entire conference network is data-protected and secured against external attacks.

    Protected privacy

    Feel ``at home`` with us, but your meeting partners will not look into your private rooms. Our meeting room is a neutral place.

    Easily accessible

    In the north-west of Duesseldorf via the A 57, A 44 and A 52 motorways. Duesseldorf airport and main railway station are 20 minutes away by car.


    Mineral water and our friendly service by our professional and attentive staff included. We are happy to prepare organic cappuccino or organic caffe latte on request.


    Air purifier system reduces 99.995% of all viruses
    Secure internet connection with extensive firewall
    Daylight-optimised projector with large conference screen
    Apple AirPlay monitor sharing
    Apple AirPlay monitor sharing
    Large digital flip chart
    Powerful 180-degree camera with autozoom
    Audio system with modulated room acoustics
    Separate fast and reliable WIFI-6 network for participants


    • As a small IT team in Krefeld, we develop software for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our developers are based in Israel and Russia. Internal and external coordination usually takes place by email. But with more complex tasks, between us, the developers and the customer, we have to see each other and talk in detail. It's an advantage for a small company to have access to a fully equipped digital conference room. It's booked quickly and the technical equipment is just right, set up and ready. That's how virtual teamwork works
    • We do pollutant clean-up, especially for larger scale projects. Most of the time everything runs smoothly among the different teams. But sometimes we have to coordinate immediately if one of the teams suddenly can't continue working. We need an ad-hoc-meeting with those responsible for three or four areas of responsibility. Everything has to move fast. Book the room, connect others via video, get started. At a place that is quickly accessible, and with a parking space right in front of the door.
    • I have been advising private investors on financing matters and investments for many years. Discretion is crucial in discussions with my clients. This is not about quick decisions, but - quite the opposite - about open, detailed and profound advice and the careful and transparent weighing of opportunities and risks.  These are confidential discussions in which privacy must be absolutely guaranteed. The technology must be protected and secure so that my clients feel safe.
    • I don't think it's so funny when my children walk into the picture during a video conference and have a look. I am proud of my children. But when I take part in a video conference, it doesn't mean that I invite everyone to my home and show them how it is in my private life. I want to protect my children, and I want my home and my family to remain private and not appear in some video on YouTube.
    • I want to book, get there and start right away. I can do without the annoying discussion with phrases like "Can you hear me?", "The video doesn't work." or "How do I connect the beamer?". The technology simply must work. Anything else disturbs the concentration of all participants and is only a distraction. And if there is a technical problem, I need a competent contact person right away who really knows his stuff and makes sure that the technology runs smoothly. I don't earn my money by solving computer problems.
    • Perfect, one hour after booking, we were already sitting in our ad-hoc-meeting, which had been arranged at short notice. The ordered coffee and a few snacks were on the table right on time. And our colleagues were immediately on the screen after pressing the start button.