Our breakfast combines great taste with responsibility. “Zero Waste”.

At our buffet we offer you a good selection of high-quality and sustainably produced organic goods.

We always use fresh ingredients and prepare fresh food according to your wishes. No convenience products or additives in our kitchen or on your table. Wherever possible, we prefer regional suppliers and seasonal products. All our products are GMO free. Some examples:

  • Our rich bread selection. With guarantee of origin. Traceable backwards. From seed to basket. Organic with certificate.
  • Milk and dairy products. From the “Gläserne Molkerei” (= ”transparent dairy factory”), which invites you to meet their organic dairy farmers and have a close look at their production.
  • Our fruit yogurts and herb quarks. Home-made and portioned in Weck glasses.
  • Jams and fruit spreads. Cooked from fresh and untreated seasonal ingredients. Apple purree. Carefully and sustainably produced. All home-made, with love.
  • Our honey? We only use fair trade honey or honey from a local beekeeper.
  • And the eggs for our freshly prepared egg dishes? From happy, free range chicken that you could visit at a local farm, if you like.

And of course, not even one single-serving package. Not at your table, not at the buffet, not in the kitchen. Truly, “Zero Waste”. See for yourself!