Our breakfast. A treat with responsibility.

Sustainable breakfast

What could be better than starting the day with a freshly prepared organic breakfast? Homemade and prepared with love and care. In an relaxed atmosphere, without any rush. At a finely laid table.

When aromatic coffee or delicately scented tea awakens your spirits. When cucumbers and tomatoes taste like cucumbers and tomatoes, and not just like water. We don’t serve “strawberries in winter”, but we do offer fresh seasonal fruit. From farmers in the region. Our jams are homemade, as is our home-made apple compote. In a classic Weck jar.

Organic muesli that tastes of grains, nuts or sultanas, not of too much sugar. Hand-stirred praline cream, a fine spread that tastes of dark chocolate and nougat, not of too much fat. Fine cold cuts from a local butcher who knows his trade and where his meat comes from.

Or a breakfast egg from hens that live free and on green pastures and have a happy chicken life. With plenty of space for pecking and scratching and for extensive sand baths. By the way, they are guarded by two goats so that fox and hawk don’t burst into this idyll unexpectedly.

Whether fried or scrambled eggs, or even French toast. We always prepare the hot dishes fresh for you, according to your wishes. Convenience products, genetically modified foods or dubious additives do not enter our pots or pans.

“Zero Waste”

We not only offer you our breakfast without any packaging waste, but also pay attention to the “Zero Waste” principle starting with our shopping. We buy locally and in short distances. If possible, in reusable containers. And directly from the producer. Or we prepare it ourselves – with love and taste.

Last but not least

We not only like to prepare our breakfast, we are passionate about it. And because we also like to enjoy having breakfast ourselves, we know that a beautifully laid table is also a pleasure. The setting of our tables with fabric tablecloths is simply a beautiful touch. For your personal use, we have decided on napkins made of unbleached paper, and 100% recycled.