Your wedding! Your big day!

A wonderful party, together with all friends and family. After all, your wedding is supposed to be the ONE big day in life. As individual as the two of you.

Our villa – your home. For you and your guests
The frame work around your wedding should also make a difference. We offer your guests, who arrive specially to celebrate with you, not just a place to stay, but a “home”. An exclusive “home” for the time of the wedding, maybe for you both as well? Spending time together with your loved ones in a relaxed and, above all, intimate setting, in your own wedding residence. An entire villa, with eighteen individually decorated rooms – just for you and your guests.

A great breakfast to finish your celebration
Join for breakfast and enjoy your big party “review”, recover a little from the dancing night until the early morning. With a delicious breakfast and freshly prepared Fair Trade organic coffee, this is a special treat!
Your guests, who have not stayed with us, are welcome for breakfast as well. In our cozy breakfast room, together with our salon, you can have breakfast with up to 45 guests. Comfortable and relaxed.

It’s your big day! Contact us.
The two of you are the “romantic lead”, and it is your wedding! We would like to support you in making your wedding unforgettable for you and your guests. And as long as we do not have to tear down our “walls”, we have an open ear (no, two open ears!) for all your wishes and ideas.
We are pleased to invite you to a Fair Trade Organic Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato to let you experience our house. We look forward to meeting you.