27. September 2019
Hens and goats of Gut Kaiserhof - Photo: Family Sonnen, Gut Kaiserhof

Chicken “on the sunny side” of life

Millions of chickens lay billions of eggs In Germany there are around 46.9 million hens, and they lay almost 15 billion eggs. A gigantic quantity. And […]
5. August 2019
Sonett Waschmittel

News from Laundry Hell. Environmentally friendly and sustainable washing.

“Wipe, wash …” “I love to walk so much To the laundromat with you. Because you have an idea of all the technology, Which I don’t […]
18. July 2019
Man braucht keine Räucherstäbchen, um nachhaltig zu reinigen. / You don't need incense sticks for sustainable cleaning.

You don’t need incense sticks to clean sustainably

The aromatic smoke of incense sticks is said to have a purifying effect in many cultures. So to speak a kind of energetic house cleaning for […]
18. July 2019
Warum wir keine Klimaanlage haben

Yes, in summer it’s very hot. Not just below the rooftop.

And again, this year’s summer has been very hot. Not just under the rooftop. Somehow it’s the same every year: the whole world longs for a […]
20. June 2019
Creme Praliné à la Villa Meererbusch. Unsere hausgemachte Nougat Creme!

Creme Praliné à la Villa Meererbusch. Our homemade nougat cream!

What does nougat have to do with world domination? A great deal indeed. Nougat, this wonderful sweet, which consists essentially of hazelnuts or almonds with cocoa […]
22. May 2019
FairTrade Kaffee/coffee

Many good reasons for really good coffee

Finding your way through the coffee label jungle Are you familiar with that? In our overcrowded world of goods, you quickly lose track of what’s going […]
11. April 2019
Telefonbuch / telephone book

Why we are not in the telephone book

A true All Time Classic: The phone book Everybody knows it: The phone book. With a total circulation of 100 million, the telephone book with its […]
28. March 2019
Man braucht keinen dicken Pulli, um klimaneutral zu heizen!

You don’t need a thick sweater to heat your house climate neutrally.

“Put on warm clothes.” The “Thick Sweater Day” “Put on warm clothes,” one says colloquially in German, as a warning to “watch your back”, perhaps even […]
21. March 2019
Man braucht keinen Matetee, um nachhaltig zu frühstücken.

You don’t need mate tea to have a sustainable breakfast.

You don’t need mate tea for a sustainable breakfast. You don’t need mate tea to have a sustainable breakfast. But of course, you could drink mate […]